Genius Brain – Brain hack, DOP & save them all

Genius Brain – Brain hack, DOP & save them all – SecuredBrain

How is your brain IQ? Do you dare to reveal your IQ to your friends? Play Genius Brain to see how smart you are and show your friends you are the master of brain games. Enter a funny tricky puzzle world that can make your mind explode and break out the usual rules.

A perfect combination of tricky riddles, draw lines to save them all, and delete one part. All have created Genius Brain – one of today’s top super intellectual brain games. Genius Brain will increase your thinking ability and make your mind quick to solve all complex quizzes. You can enjoy yourself with your friends with this crazy challenge, hack mind quiz, and funny free IQ test game.

Do you think your brain is smart enough to solve all these tricky, crazy challenge puzzles? Your brain will be challenged by different types of IQ puzzles such as math, society, geography, history, or even love,…But the answer is not simple as an answer. You think the quiz is easy, it’s not. You think the brain puzzles are so difficult. “How can I solve it?”! But the answer is extremely simple. Don’t let your mind be cheated! Think of it as simply as possible.

Many ways to pass the puzzles can make you surprised that “ WTH? Is it possible to play like this?!! But as long as you get out of the trap of brain hacking, everything will become simple. Let the Genius Brain take you out of the box with challenge puzzles that require logical thinking, creativity, and unlimited imagination. Play Genius Brain every day to see how your brain will improve.


1.Three Super fun modes of brain test:
Main Campaign: 40 levels with 40 challenge quizzes. Just move or zoom something, the quiz will be solved, so easy. But wait! You must find out What “something” is.! Brain test is not as easy as you think because this is a brain trainer game. Play Genius Brain now to enjoy the fun, relax your mind and train your brain, your IQ.

Save them all: Help the girl escape from danger by drawing lines. Try the best way to complete the draw puzzles. With creative draw puzzles, cute graphics, funny sound,… Save them all will bring joy and laughter to you.

Erase & Color: Perhaps you are not strange with DOP games. Discover the unexpected twists hiding behind every image. Only you can make the invisible visible! Become an erase master, erase everything you think is the right answer. This is one of the best erase games of 2021. Combine your imagination and brain skills to solve the puzzles. All you need is to think differently and see ordinary things from a different perspective. Erase a door, a dress or curtains,… All may lead you to pass the tricky puzzles.

2. Stunning graphics & Sounds:

Immerse yourself in the Brain test puzzles of funny graphics and impressive animations.
Funny sounds and game process
Unexpected game answers.

Genius Brain is completely free like other brain games like Brain out, Brain test, Easy game,…But Genius Brain has its unique features. Whatever your age is, you can play Genius Brain and train your mind better. Genius is for everyone. Download now to enjoy the exciting brain quizzes.

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