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Einstein™ Brain Games: Mind Puzzles – SecuredBrain

The Official Einstein™ Brain Games are here! Are you smarter than Einstein? Think you can solve all his mind puzzles? Love brain teasers? Then these are the perfect brain games for you! Get Einstein level iQ! Challenge your brain, your friends and prove you’re the smartest now for FREE! Play now!

Not sure if you’re smarter than your friends? Now you can prove it with these brain games! Show them your IQ score after beat all of these mind puzzles! And become the smartest person on the planet!

Einstein Brain Games: Mind Puzzles will give your brain a workout and maybe six pack abs from the funny IQ test! Hope you know your memes!

We have multiple game types too! Want a break from the brain teasers and trivia quizup?! Test out your drawing logic! Save Einstein or get him more IQ points! Use your mind and detective skills to solve all of the logic puzzles!

These brain games are for all types of people! People that love relaxing fun puzzles! People that want a free challenge! People that love mind puzzles and love to solve hard questions! People that love a trivia quizup or just taking a funny IQ test!

How to play?! For the mind puzzles and mind games you’ll need to think outside of the box, and sometimes outside of your phone. You might have to shake or tilt your phone to solve! You’ll need to think carefully about how to pass a level. Sometimes you need to combine objects to solve these funny IQ test questions! Use that logic and your detective brain to solve! Puns? Maybe…

For the drawing mind game puzzles, you either have to protect or get the brain IQ points to Einstein! Draw your path to collect! Or draw your way to save him! Einstein is very happy you’re here with him to help him in the quest for knowledge and improving your intelligence! Get Smart!

Rapid mini games will test your logic and quick thinking skills! Solve them quick and collect more IQ points!

Unlock your potential with Einstein! Go for the gold and get all of the IQ.

Don’t let your friends get a higher IQ than you! Anyone every say they are smarter than you? Uncle? Cousin? Friend? Classmate?! Mom? Dad? Now you can have a free challenge and show them who is the real Einstein! Hint! It is you! Probably… you genius!

You will laugh and LOL all day long at some of these puzzles! Play now!

Some of these mind games are meant to trick you! But we know you’re smart enough to solve all of them! We know you’ve got a big brain! And we want you to use it and prove it! So come on and get the game and play now to show us! If you’re looking for a fun challenge then this is the place for you! Or just to relax and have some fun! All ages are welcome!

Thank you for playing our games, and if you enjoy them please let us know! Have fun!

Albert Einstein’s personality rights, publicity rights, and trademarks containing his name are the property of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, represented exclusively by Greenlight. They are used with permission. Official licensed merchandise.

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